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Notes on Data Protection

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Consent to acquisition and storage of data

The protection of your data is very important to us! Our platform is therefore hosted on the German server Campusspeicher GmbH in Berlin. Unless told otherwise, personal data provided to Dinner Hop, is principally used only for the purposes of log-in and the administration of an event (only for Dinner Hop initiators), for the administration and realization of registered events that are still open for registration, for obtaining e-mails and the newsletter, for communication between Dinner Hop and its users, as well as between the users themselves, and anonymously for internal statistical evaluation. This data includes your complete name, the address where you will meet your guests, your e-mail-addresses and your IP-addresses, as well as other data that Dinner Hop will inform you about. To ensure smooth operation of a Dinner Hop event, the data provided at registration will be forwarded as follows: - to the local Dinner Hop initiator: a list of all participants, e-mail-addresses and contact numbers in order to communicate locations and further details - only to your host team: your first name, contact numbers, and, where indicated, your details on allergies, intolerances etc. - only to your guests: your full name, the address where you will meet them, and a contact number In reference to the aforementioned transfer of your registration data to the Dinner Hop initiator, to your hosts and guests at a Dinner Hop event, and in case of deletion of your user profile on the initiator’s site at Dinner Hop, copies of this information may remain visible elsewhere.

Right of Access

According to the data protection law, the user shall be entitled to request information free of charge about his/her personal data stored, and optionally, to correct, disable, and delete said data. For questions regarding the collection, processing or use of personal information, the disclosure, correction, blocking or deletion of data, and revocation of consents granted, the user may contact Dinner Hop via mail (Dinner Hop c/o Philipp Günther, Lichtenrader Straße 30c, 12049 Berlin) or via e-mail to

Dinner Hop uses the web analysis service “Piwik”

We use the web analysis service “Piwik” for better understanding the use of the website, and to enable improvements. By means of “Cookies,” [Anchorlink: use of cookies] certain data (amongst others your shortened IP-address) will be anonymously transferred to our server and will be saved there for evaluation purposes. Should you not want the saving and anonymized analysis of your data, you can do so by clicking the “ohne mich” button at all times. Subsequently, an “Opt-Out-Cookie” will be created in your browser, and “Piwik” will be unable to collect the session data. In case this Cookie gets deleted, it has to be recreated via an Opt-Out at this same position.

SSL Security Standard

For all data provided at your registration with Dinner Hop, the security standard “Secure Socket Layers“ (SSL) will be used. Your data are encoded immediately upon registration, and stored in a protected database.

The Use of "Cookies"

Dinner Hop uses so called “Cookies”, i.e. text data, that are saved on your computer, and that enable the analysis of the use of the website by the user. This technology also saves, for instance, your location, even after the content of the website is filtered. It leads to relevant content quicker, and it is necessary for the registration, and, if applicable, for the editing of your registration data.

Deletion of Data

Data is only saved by the Operator, respectively Dinner Hop, as long as legally permitted. The data provided at registration are saved at Dinner Hop up until one week after the event has taken place. In case of subscribing to the newsletter the e-mail is saved until revocation. There is no obligation to save data. However, it is possible for the user to revoke the saving of data. Again, the exemptions of deletion mentioned above shall be stressed.

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